A Different Take on Sea Level Rise

13 Dec A Different Take on Sea Level Rise

When asked whether sea level rise is driven by climate change, I have focused on what I have seen with my own eyes rather than the reported science about climate change.  Tides flowing over docks, coming into peoples yards and flooding communities. We can all see higher tides regardless of the cause.

That being said, the following story in the Post and Courier puts an additional slant on sea level rise worthy of consideration.

It is called “Subsidence” which is about the land subsiding, lowering, which has the effect of tides that appear to be rising when perhaps the land is sinking.  Worth the read:

“Land subsidence results from the compaction of sediments comprising river deltas, from pumping water from porous aquifers, or from a shifting tectonic plate beneath. Determining whether seas are actually rising or the land subsiding requires careful analysis of coastal features aided by satellite altimetry.”

Rising sea or sinking land?