Renewable energy goals to stretch your tax dollars

09 Jan Renewable energy goals to stretch your tax dollars

Las Vegas has achieved a lofty goal of powering the entire city by renewable energy. We are smaller with significantly less financial resources, but we may be able to accomplish the same in our special hometown.

The City is currently in the midst of an energy audit. The goal of which is how to save on the huge expense of lighting our streets, heating and cooling city owned buildings and other ways to cut down on energy costs to the taxpayers.  Making changes will cost money, but if we are to move forward future savings must offset costs and help us spread limited dollars further on our primary functions, one of which is not pay more than necessary for energy.

Given the way most incentives are based, the largest savings would be achieved by working with private investors who could benefit from tax credit afforded to private entities and not governments.

Let’s look at what Las Vegas accomplished and think about how it might apply to Beaufort.

The City Of Las Vegas Is Now Powered Entirely By Renewable Energy