A pleasant reminder from Council Member Stephen Murray

23 May A pleasant reminder from Council Member Stephen Murray

As the City Council and City Redevelopment Commission member charged with leading the city’s job diversification efforts and who represents the City as Chairman of  The Beaufort County Economic Development Corporation, Stephen Murray  shared a refreshing thought. Thank you Stephen and the many others who continue to take on the challenge for better jobs and a better Beaufort County for the young people who grow up here.

“I had the pleasure of attending Fridays @ The Corridor  (Beaufort Digital Corridor) yesterday morning. David (Nelems from the Don Ryan Center for Innovation in Bluffton and now with a center in Beaufort)  gave a great presentation on The Lean Startup. There was a diverse audience and thought provoking conversation about business development.

It occurred to me about halfway through the presentation that we were sitting in a facility made possible by our friends in Charleston (at the Charleston Digital Corridor), my colleagues at the City of Beaufort, and listening to a presentation from Bluffton’s Don Ryan Center.

We didn’t talk about rivers, political jurisdictions, or artificial lines that some often use to divide. Because the business community, innovators, and entrepreneurs don’t give a hoot about these things.

Folks, this is what regionalism looks like, and I am very proud of the partnerships we’ve formed over the past year. Through our individual and collective efforts, we are creating the ecosystem required to build a sustainable, vibrant, regional economy.

So as the Italians say, grazie mille! (A Million Thanks!)

Have a great weekend!