After 16 years, an end could be in sight

24 Oct After 16 years, an end could be in sight

In the past few years, the community has done much to give our citizens what they need and deserve to better understand our hometown and its history.

This includes the resurrection of the Beaufort History Museum, Expanded Outreach by Historic Beaufort Foundation, the fabulous new Santa Helena History Center with a branch of the Heritage Library and the Port Royal Sound Foundation among others.  Furthermore, we have established a cultural district within the City and hosted the best SC Humanities Festival which was a successful collaboration among our many special local organizations across the entire county.

After more than sixteen years, the efforts of many may bare a huge piece of  fruit to Beaufort County, our State and Nation.  While for years I envisioned a modest initiative to remember the Reconstruction Era in Beaufort County, this new development could become a very special addition for the people who live here, the young people who grow up here and our efforts to bring visitors to the area. Furthermore it could be a boost to our economy without costing the City financially.

It is time to crank up a campaign like we did for Candice Glover and Happiest Seaside City.  By days end, individuals and organizations will be circulating a petition urging the President to move forward on this initiative.


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