Ban Plastic Bags?

07 Mar Ban Plastic Bags?

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how the State Legislature was again threatening to intrude into the business of local governments by trying to ban municipal governments from restricting the use of one time use plastic bags.  At that time only Folly Beach and the Island of Palms, to the best of my understanding, had passed such restrictions.

But as the news of state interference in local governance came out, it appears additional communities are now considering restricting the use of plastic bags.

Furthermore, there are petitions circulating asking local governments to impose such a ban. Councilman Stephen Murray and others are discussing the issue on Facebook if you would like to chime in.

There is a petition circulating through if you want to sign the petition. In fact there are petitions floating about in many states seeking to ban the use of one time used plastic bags.

The City Council has not considered the issue and it is not currently on our agenda. Let us know your thoughts.

My initial thought is that if we are going to impose a ban it would be through a county ordinance so that the municipalities and the county are in sync.

Should Beaufort ban plastic bags? The question is being asked