Beaufort Code Update - new resources + work session schedule

29 Apr Beaufort Code Update - new resources + work session schedule

Update on the Beaufort Code

The City held 4 open public input sessions between April 13-25. We received a number of comments in those meetings, as well as via the online form. We will be working to publish an updated draft on or around May 6.

The following additional resources are now available on our website:

  • Public Comments heard through April 26
  • Case Studies of several sites, particularly in the West End neighborhood
  • April Code Update Presentation - if you missed the meetings, view the presentation on the website in the Presentations tab
  • Updated Conversion Sheets - these are quick references to show how a current zoning district converts to a new zoning district in the Beaufort Code. Find your existing and proposed zoning districts on the maps, click the appropriate square in the interactive chart, and see your conversion.
  • Resources - interactive lists and maps of other places in the nation where similar form-based development codes have been adopted
  • Schedule - overview meetings with the Council and RDC have been scheduled along with work sessions for the MPC and Council

Comment Online. There is a simple comment form so you can give us your comments. All comments we receive online and hear in the meetings has been posted on our website, along with comments from staff and a proposal for how to address them. There will also be notes of how the comments were incorporated into the new draft once that is published.

Is this all new to you? Here’s what’s going on: The City of Beaufort Planning Department is hosting a series of Public Meetings to review a draft of the Beaufort Code - an update to the City’s development code. This new code has been in the works for several years, and in March we recently completed a one-month, 15-meeting public review process that generated over 200 comments from the public. In April, we published a new draft and held 4 meetings to review and hear comments on that draft. The April 7 draft, along with a full list of comments, an updated map, and other resources can be found on the Beaufort Code page of the City’s website.

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  • So what’s next? We have an updated schedule of public meetings and work sessions with Boards and Commissions to review the updated code draft (to come out around May 6) and to hear more public input. Get Involved!For Complete Information: please visit the website..

    Thanks for your continued help and participation.

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