Beaufort Commerce Park Completes Palmetto Sites Program

06 Sep Beaufort Commerce Park Completes Palmetto Sites Program

City of Beaufort News Release

Beaufort Commerce Park Completes Palmetto Sites Program

Beaufort, SC (August 30, 2021): The Beaufort Commerce Park has recently completed the Palmetto Sites Program, earning recognition as a project-ready industrial property through the South Carolina Department of Commerce (SCDOC). During the program, Beaufort Commerce Park was graded on the property’s availability, developability, zoning, transportation, utility infrastructure and more.

McCallum Sweeney Consulting has partnered with SCDOC since 2011 to evaluate industrial properties across the state of South Carolina and execute the Palmetto Sites Program. A Palmetto Site is defined as “a property in which the applicant has accumulated substantial data about the property’s characteristics and infrastructure in order to effectively respond to information requests for industrial projects.” The program also emphasizes the importance of readily available data as a key component for competitiveness in the site selection process. Sarah White, Senior Consultant for McCallum Sweeney Consulting, says “We have recognized that the Beaufort Commerce Park in Beaufort County has completed the Palmetto Sites Program. Congratulations are in order for the Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce for their hard work during the program.”

Stephen Murray, Beaufort City Councilman notes “Business moves quickly and expect the government to do the same when considering a new location. The Palmetto Sites Designation will be a important tool that will give us a competitive advantage over other areas in the region by allowing us to quickly and confidently communicate site capabilities within the Beaufort Commerce Park.”

“The City of Beaufort is very appreciative of the time and work that the Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce put into this project,” says Bill Prokop, Beaufort City Manager. “This attainment of the Palmetto Site designation will be a real benefit in marketing the Commerce Park.”

Blakey Williams, President and CEO of the Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce adds, “The Palmetto Site designation makes Beaufort County more competitive for the recruitment of new businesses to our community. This important and impressive designation assures new business that Beaufort County is an outstanding place to live and to work.”