“Birdies for Charity” pledge by April 8

01 Jan “Birdies for Charity” pledge by April 8

The Heritage Classic Foundation’s “Birdies for Charity” is a great way to help the Neighborhood Outreach Connection (NOC) raise money for its education program that targets overcoming the achievement gap faced by minority children in public schools. Investing in education is an effective way to combat poverty and empower people.


How does it work?

Make a pledge based on your estimate of the number of birdies that will be made in 2016 at RBC Heritage. After the 2016 tournament, NOC will receive 100% of the money pledge to it, plus an additional 15% from the Heritage Classic Foundation.

All pledges must be made online before April 8, 2016.

Pledge guidelines:

A minimum flat donation is $25.

A minimum per birdie pledge $.01 is required.

A maximum per birdie pledge is $1.00.

A maximum flat donation of $1,500 will be accepted.

You can make your pledge right now through Birdies for Charity:

Click here to:  Visit Birdies for Charity Website

Call the Heritage Classic Foundation at 843-671-2448 if you have questions.