06 Sep Rotary Club presents check to United Way of the Lowcountry

Rotary Club of the Lowcountry presents a check for $12,250 to United Way of the Lowcountry. Left to right: Rotary Club of the Lowcountry President Alan Beach, United Way of the Lowcountry President & CEO Tina Lamb Gentry, Rotary Club of the Lowcountry Past President Jeff Althoff. Committed to the Beaufort community, Rotary Club of the Lowcountry raises thousands of dollars each year which is reinvested in numerous non profits supporting a variety of programs including anti bullying, homelessness, domestic violence and Alzheimer’s research....

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06 Sep Historic Building to Become Arts and Education Center

Historic Building to Become Arts and Education Center For Immediate Release August 29, 2016   BEAUFORT, SC, – The Beaufort Arts Council/Mather Academy ( or ) purchased the historic building formerly known as the Beaufort County Jail. Located at the corner of Monson and King Street in Downtown Beaufort, just one block from the Santa Elena History Center and in the midst of the Beaufort Arts District, this vacant historic building will soon become home to the King Street Arts Center, which will include BAC offices, an art gallery, and an extensive curriculum...

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06 Sep Meet Angela W. Williams, Author of ‘Hush Now, Baby’ at upcoming local events

What Happens When The Help Becomes Family?  For Immediate Release “With beautifully crafted prose and deft narrative skill, Angela Williams has written a tribute to the remarkable woman whose love and strength shaped her entire life.” Pat Conroy, author of The Death of Santini  Angela W. Williams, author of Hush Now, Baby (Texas Review Press), has been invited to participate in a panel discussion on “growing up in the South” — as well as a book signing — at the 2016 Southern Festival of Books: A Celebration of the Book in Nashville, Tennessee October...

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06 Sep Beaufort Commerce Park Completes Palmetto Sites Program

City of Beaufort News Release Beaufort Commerce Park Completes Palmetto Sites Program Beaufort, SC (August 30, 2016): The Beaufort Commerce Park has recently completed the Palmetto Sites Program, earning recognition as a project-ready industrial property through the South Carolina Department of Commerce (SCDOC). During the program, Beaufort Commerce Park was graded on the property's availability, developability, zoning, transportation, utility infrastructure and more. McCallum Sweeney Consulting has partnered with SCDOC since 2011 to evaluate industrial properties across the state of South Carolina and execute the Palmetto Sites Program. A Palmetto Site is defined as...

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06 Sep Update from TCL President Richard Gough

Dear TCL Friends and Family, The 2016 academic year is turning out to be one of the best, and busiest, years at the Technical College of the Lowcountry. I want to share with you some of our recent achievements as well as upcoming opportunities. For those of us charged with moving the College forward, we continue to stay focused on our strategic priorities, those I first shared with you this past January: (1) building a culinary arts institute, (2) building a regional workforce training center on our New River Campus, (3) expanding...

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06 Sep Beaufort is not the only SC city trying to determine what is taxable and what is not

After the City left the old city hall building on Carteret Street, the building was leased to a for-profit business.  This was good for the city and good for the business. However . . . once the lease was consummated, the Beaufort County Assessor put a taxable value on the building and levied a property tax on the city since leasing city property is not among the core functions of City Government.  Rather than challenge this action and hide behind our non-profit status of a government entity, we paid the property...

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06 Sep Retail follows the money

With the outburst of opposition by Lady's and St. Helena Island residents to the new Lady's Island Walmart and proposed Harris Teeter, I have been thinking - with my former commercial real estate broker hat on - why the islands? The conclusion is quite simple.  Retailers follow the roof tops and disposable incomes which are growing handily on the islands while the city's population has stayed level in the past few years.  Furthermore, city residents are classified as moderate to low income by the Bureau of the Census while earnings are...

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06 Sep If you have never read Andy Brack’s STATEHOUSE REPORT, you may want to check it out

If you have never read Andy Brack's STATEHOUSE REPORT, you may want to check it out. I read it regularly to learn more in-depth what is going on.  You may or may not like the editorial slant, with which I sometimes take exception, but it provides a good snapshot of happenings in SC Government. Statehouse Report: South Carolina's legislative and policy forecast  ...

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06 Sep Facing Sea Level Rise is Like Facing Diabetes

Facing Sea Level Rise is Like Facing Diabetes When I participated in the National Diabetes campaign and ended up winning the opportunity to "kiss the pig," l learned that denial is likely the biggest challenge to beating and/or managing diabetes. When I talk at public forums on sea level rise around the region, I liken the challenge of recognizing the threat of sea level rise to denying that it is real.  I refuse to talk about politically charged debates about global warming. Rather,  I simply state what I have seen with my...

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