08 Aug Sweet event at the Chocolate Tree coming soon

For those who love chocolate, join Beaufort's special annual all you can eat evening at the Chocolate Tree.  If you've never tried it, I highly recommend attending this sweet event! Chocolate lovers rejoice — ‘All You Can Eat Night’ coming soon to Beaufort  ...

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08 Aug The Real Deal: New Urbanism with authentic charm

Over the past several years we have been talking a great deal about The New Urbanism. Most new urbanist communities,  popping up like mushrooms across the land, are modeled upon the principles of small cities like ours. But they are disconnected from the cultural and civic infrastructure that makes small cities great. Most of the "new communities" are built where woods or open fields once stood and where the developer could establish the mass a neighborhood. As we write the Beaufort Code, we must not lose sight of the fact that Beaufort...

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08 Aug More on small, more affordable houses as proposed in the Arts District

The Town of Bluffton, just like the city of Beaufort, is struggling to help create methods, regulations and planning tips and assistance for more affordable houses.  Our Civic Master Plan spells out some ways. The creation of the Arts District builds on this work and hopefully some of the changes in the code will further opportunities without challenging the authenticity of our great hometown. Here's an  interesting read.  If you open the link and see the tiny home on wheels, be assured that such does not fit Beaufort. Could tiny homes make...

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08 Aug VRBO, Airbnb and short term rentals go beyond Beaufort

Short term rentals, ("Vacation rentals by owner" and "Airbnb") are part of the short term rental questions many cities are considering.  The City assembled a Short Term Rental Task Force that is considering these among other issues. It is interesting to see how others are treating the issue. As regulatory attacks mount, Airbnb goes on a charm offensive  ...

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08 Aug Organize your Dragon Boat team!

The 4th Annual Dragonboat Beaufort Race Day is quickly approaching and will be held over Labor Day weekend, September 2nd and 3rd at Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park. The party kicks off with a free concert on Friday night at 6:00pm with hometown favorites The Cluster Shucks and The Sweetgrass Angels. Bring your blankets and chairs and prepare to dance the night away! The following morning dragons of Beaufort will be racing for crowds of roaring supporters. You can be a part of all the action. Just gather your friends and...

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01 Aug Mark Shaffer interviews Billy K the candidate

Every month I tape a television show, posted in the newsletter and on WHHI TV, where I interview people doing interesting things in and around Beaufort. This month, Mark Shaffer, Emmy award winning newsman and Features Editor of Lowcountry Weekly,  interviewed me. We talk about the past and the future as I announce my candidacy for re-election. The show is divided into two segments that can be found through the following links.  I hope you will take a few minutes to preview them. Part 1  Park 2...

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01 Aug Beaufort Water Search and Rescue assist stranded kayakers

As I rounded the slight curve in front of Beaufort Elementary School on Saturday,  I saw a Beaufort Port Royal Fire Truck and a Department of Natural Resources agent walking down the bluff.  I could not help but stop to see what was going on.  As I descended the hill to the marsh I saw an airboat at the edge of the mud because the tide was dead low. Then I saw two  kayakers covered almost head-to-toe as the heat was baking the mud on their bodies.  I did not need to be told...

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01 Aug Third graduating class of YMCA’s Safe Boating students

About three and half years ago, I met Cecilia Duer, Director of Spirit of America. Spirit of America is a non-profit organization that promotes safe boating for young people through partnering with local organizations.  I asked if she had plans for Beaufort and she said, "We could. What are you thinking about?" The next day Cecilia and I met with Mike Bostwick, Director of the YMCA.  And not long thereafter, both parties enthusiastically partnered to create the YMCA safe boating program for young people in the greater Beaufort area.  Spirit of America provided the...

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