08 Feb Here’s where 1000+ exiting Marines and Sailors can make the difference

Looking for ways to attract industry to Beaufort several years ago, we assembled a group of volunteers to create a non-profit called TWEAC under the leadership of General Garry Parks, USMC, Ret.  Our goal was to help exiting military fill the void of skilled workers in the new industries coming to the state. Will they come to Beaufort for the workforce?  Will we have to export the workforce to Charleston and other cities that need talented employees? This remains to be seen. We are finding the potential workers, but may have to look...

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08 Feb Does anyone remember the “Orangeburg Massacre”?

  HISTORY: Orangeburg Massacre From SC Clips and The Statehouse Report Features, S.C. Encyclopedia Special to Statehouse Report· 02/05/2016 7:00 am· [Editor’s Note: The 48th anniversary of the Orangeburg Massacre is Monday.] S.C. Encyclopedia | On the night of February 8, 1968, police gunfire left three young black men dying and twenty-seven wounded on the campus of South Carolina State College in Orangeburg. Exactly thirty-three years later, Governor Jim Hodges addressed an overflow crowd there in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Auditorium, referring directly to the “Orangeburg Massacre”—an identifying term for the event that had been...

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08 Feb The Mayors of the two Beauforts speak out

Southern mayors: Don’t drill off our coast Published in "The Hill" February 05, 2016 By Beaufort, N.C. Mayor Richard Stanley and Beaufort, S.C. Mayor Billy Keyserling As mayors of beautiful coastal cities in our respective states, we represent thousands of residents who oppose opening our treasured Southeast coastlines to offshore oil and gas exploration and development. Since the federal government introduced a proposal earlier this year to initiate offshore drilling in the South Atlantic, our hometowns of Beaufort have joined more than 80 coastal towns, cities, and counties in passing resolutions against Atlantic offshore...

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08 Feb Smell this: 19,000 semi trucks idling off the coast

Smell this: 19,000 semi trucks idling off the coast Posted: 07 Feb 2016 05:05 PM PST Letter to the Editor by Ed Yaw The State February 7, 2016 Drilling will harm SC coast even if there’s never a spill For the sake of argument, let’s say that offshore drilling can be performed without leaks, spills or accidents. In that case, if drilling is allowed the following will — not might — occur: Based on the number in the Gulf, about 75 oil-drilling platforms will be stationed off our coast. A large offshore deep-water platform burns about 300...

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Too many hats

08 Feb One reason we cannot get the attention we need from SCDOT

For those who wonder why potholes, sidewalks and stormwater systems, failing bridges and unsafe intersections (all of which are the responsibility of the SCDOT to maintain) are ignored, you might learn from this primer provided by the SC Coastal Conservation League. I served in the legislature with Senator Hugh Leatherman and found him to be a fair, compromising and engaging colleague. That was years ago before he earned all of the power granted to the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee. I believe the example pointed out by the SCCL is the reason...

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Beaufort, SC Mayor Billy Keyserling

08 Feb Weak Mayor?

What does a part-time “weak” Mayor do that keeps him busy all the time? Those who know me and understand my passion for the job might be surprised that my position is classified in state law as a “weak mayor.” Let me explain: State Law State law provides three organizational options for municipal government: the Mayor-Council, the Council and the Council Manager. 145 of the 270 Municipalities in SC are organized under the Mayor Council format, whereby the Mayor is classified as a “Strong Mayor” because he or she chairs the Council and also...

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Nursing Mothers of Beaufort

08 Feb Summer internship comes to Beaufort

by Mariah Robinson Zachary Scott, a freshman at the University of South Carolina for Mechanical Engineering and Business Management, will bring his studies to Beaufort this summer. Scott will provide painting services with Student Painters, an organization dedicated to training students in management, organization skills and the painting business. “Student Painters is training me to run my own painting company this summer in the Beaufort/Lady’s Island area,” said Scott. “I’ll gain experience I simply cannot learn in the classroom.” Scott and his employees, also students, will provide high quality painting services at student...

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Holy Trinity

08 Feb Track and Field Legend Jim Ryun to Visit Holy Trinity

NEWS RELEASE   Track and Field Legend Jim Ryun to Visit Holy Trinity BEAUFORT, S.C. - Olympian and Kansas Congressman Jim Ryun will be spending the day with Holy Trinity Classical Christian School students on February 12th. He will be sharing his remarkable life's journey of being cut from his church's baseball team to being rated by ESPN as the number one high school athlete of all time, beating Tiger Woods and LeBron James. Congressman Ryun represented the United States of America on three Olympic teams and held numerous world records in the mile,...

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