Bill Prokop

27 Jan City Manager Report: Jan 26 Council Meeting

City Manager Bill Prokop's comments to City Council at the January 26 meeting:   Congratulations to our Police Department for being awarded a Highway Traffic Enforcement grant in the amount of $113,490.00. This is a 100% funded grant and will cover the cost of one officer and a patrol car. Lots of hard work and follow up by our PD staff enabled us to be awarded this grant and they will soon be applying for another one for the upcoming year.   Boundary Street Project is now underway and we will be having weekly...

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25 Jan Blizzard Impacts Coastal Tides More than Hurricane

As I have pursued a higher level of understanding about sea level rise and storm surge, I never considered snow.  Perhaps that is because it is not in my backyard.  It appears that the mid-Atlantic coast learned that a blizzard, like a hurricane of heavy rains, can be as if not more treacherous.  BK The Washington Post: Mid-Atlantic coastline flooded by blizzards storm surge. "This is worse than Sandy"  ...

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25 Jan Thank You Anita Prather

Thank You Anita Singleton Prather,  aka Aunt Pearlie Sue There was a cold chill in the air Saturday morning as warm hearts gathered in Anita Prather’s side yard for a prayer breakfast. In attendance were young and old, black and white, come here’s and been here’s, all of whom are concerned about their neighborhood whose vitality is critical to our city, our diversity and hometown character. Pastors led prayers about eradicating violence. This is obviously no small issue for the victims, their families and neighbors. Nor is it unimportant to the larger community that...

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Beaufort, SC Marina

25 Jan Virginia Fishing Executive Speaks Out Against Testing and Drilling

Here's a more personal look at why we should be concerned with off-shore drilling. It's negatively impacting the fishing industry and small businesses. Timothy O'Brien speaks out about the damaging changes he's experienced in his family's fishing business. Richmond Times-Dispatch: O'Brien- Offshore drilling's risk is too great for Virginia's fishermen...

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Hunting Island Beach, SC

25 Jan Mayor Wins NC Election Over Off-Shore Testing and Drilling

Emilie Swearingen became a powerful force and leader in her community when she took on and defeated her pro-oil mayor in a small NC town. I was fortunate to participate in a meeting with Emilie in Washington several months ago and am very impressed by the way she turned her community around on this important issue. The Guardian: Obama's offshore drilling plan meets heavy resistance along Atlantic coast    ...

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City of Beaufort Seal

25 Jan City Meetings

RECYCLING UPDATE Glass (bottles) are once again being accepted in your recycling bin. Also a reminder: the plastic handle of your roll cart (that handle you push the cart with) is to face the house, not the street. THIS WEEK'S CITY OF BEAUFORT MEETINGS Zoning Board of Appeals - 5:30 PM, Monday Jan 25th Pledge of Allegiance FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT COMPLIANCE Public Notification of the Zoning Board of Appeals meeting has been published in compliance with the Freedom of Information Act requirements. Review of Minutes Minutes of the December 21, 2015 Meeting Review of Projects 108 South Hermitage Road,...

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Beaufort Historic Foundation

22 Jan Patience, Perseverance and Partnerships in Historic Downtown

In many large cities, urban development or redevelopment means that bulldozers tear down a block or more of old structures then replace them with shiny new buildings. This model, fortunately, does not work in Beaufort because we must preserve our salvagable historic structures and maintain the unique character of our city's fabric. For years, preservationists and city officials have struggled to find the best way to save dilapidated historically significant properties  as an alternative to letting them be removed or fall to the ground.  Thanks to the leadership of The Historic Beaufort...

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21 Jan Futuristic Parking

While this model doesn't work for Beaufort, this is an interesting article about parking research and futuristic solutions. Mother Jones: No Parking Here...

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