Boundary Street, slowly but surely

27 Jun Boundary Street, slowly but surely

While I know some are inconvenienced and I am  particularly concerned about potential loss of business along Boundary Street, I see progress. To date we are on schedule and on budget.

Most exciting is that the new intersection of Robert Smalls Parkway and Highway 21, which is currently very confusing despite efforts to make it not so, is currently scheduled to be completed ahead of schedule most likely within the next 45 days.

Land acquisition to expand Battery Saxton Park on the south side of Highway 21 continues as the City, the County and the Beaufort County Open Land Trust have acquired three of the six properties. This will open up a new vista which along with road improvements will give the gateway to Beaufort what it can be and certainly not like anywhere USA. A gateway that shares our natural environment through a huge vista of Battery Creek similar to the Bluff on Carteret Street and Bellamy Curve where Highway 21 transitions into Carteret Street.

Please remain patient. I know you will love the new safer, more environmentally sustainable and more economic opportunities for most property owners along the redeveloped gateway.