City Manager’s Report, September 13, 2021

Bill Prokop

16 Sep City Manager’s Report, September 13, 2021

The following is a summary of City Manager Bill Prokop’s Report to City Council on September 13:
  1. I thank everyone that was involved in the planning and execution of all our storm plans that we had to engage on September 1st and 2nd. This includes the County and City personnel. Thankfully, we had very little damage in the City and no one was seriously injured. We have been reviewing our response and making adjustments to areas where we noted improvements needed to be made. More than anything else, this made us be better prepared for the next storm, but we hope it never comes.
  2. I thank Donnie Beer and Lisa Clancy for all the planning and hard work they put into organizing our 9/11 event that was held last Sunday evening. It shows the world that Beaufort will never forget those that we lost on 9/11/2001. A special thank you to all those who helped put this event on and to those who attended.
  3. Allison Road – good news finally. The state has now approved our design plans and we are now in the process of getting revised engineering cost so that we can but the project out for bid.
  4. As you know we have been reviewing our permitting process and have now plotted all the steps that are currently required to complete an application. This will now be looked at with the idea of making improvements and utilizing our software to help automate the system and be able to provide better Customer Service. This will be an ongoing process with a plan to have a new system ready to implement by the beginning of the new fiscal year.
  5. Boundary Street is moving along according to schedule and budget and we will be seeing a lane shift coming up in the next few weeks as the duct bank work shifts to the other side of the roadway.
  6. Beaufort Code review is still on going and all the suggested changes are being updated and will be reviewed by various groups over the next few months so people can see that were are listening and taking into account their concerns and suggestions.
  7. Lady’s Island traffic study is well underway and we are planning on a public meeting with the consultants to review the status sometime in the next month. The public meeting will take place on Lady’s Island and we will post and advise the public as much in advance as we can.
  8. Thank you and do you have any questions.