Collaboration creates a move that is good for all

23 May Collaboration creates a move that is good for all

After years of consideration, three properties will be removed from the South side of Boundary Street thereby expanding an existing passive low maintenance park space and the vista across Battery Creek at the Gateway to Beaufort. This was considered first by the Beaufort County Land Trust and most recently by a partnership between the Open Land Trust, Beaufort County Council and the City of Beaufort.

The Open Land Trust purchased and will remove the United Way building. The United Way will fill an empty space on the north side of Boundary Street, with access at a traffic signal a few blocks away – no left turns across Boundary Street.

The City will buy and  remove the Sea Eagle Building. Sea Eagle will will fill vacant space across Boundary at a soon to be installed traffic signal across the street – no left turns across Boundary.

Finally, Beaufort County will purchase and the city will remove the abandoned Huddle House building.

FUNDS for these purchases come from private dollars  raised by the Open Land Trust, the City of Beaufort’s dedicated Land Fund and the County’s Rural and Critical Lands fund.  Since the entire investment is being paid for by funds restricted to land purchases, GENERAL FUNDS AND OPERATING DOLLARS will not be used.

This is a win for all. United Way and Sea Eagle will have better spaces and locations. Huddle House has indicated it will not be reopened and the building will be removed. Together we will take a giant step towards giving our beautiful hometown an appropriate entrance.

Thanks to all parties for this collaboration. It demonstrates how working together we can make an even better Beaufort.  “Lost” tax revenue has already been made up through the new construction and businesses on the North side of Boundary Street.

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