Damaged H Dock Replaced after Matthew

25 Apr Damaged H Dock Replaced after Matthew

Emergency Repair of H Dock at Downtown Marina
Another very productive week by OQuinn Marine Construction and McSweeney Engineering.
The docks are installed and secured.
The new 30ft gangway and transition plate are installed.
The Pile guides and cleats are installed.
The electrical is complete and the barge with the old floats has departed and being disposed.
This is an on-time & budget project thus far, pending power and water pedestal installation.
This project supports goals 1 &3 found in the City’s Strategic Plan 2017-2019.
The next project update will be sent out on April 28st . Please see the latest picture below.

If there are any questions regarding this project, I can be reached at npugliese@cityofbeaufort.org .

H Dock copy