Debris pick up

17 Oct Debris pick up

Waste Pro will be picking up White Goods, and construction material that is properly separated - They WILL NOT be picking up the vegetation debris.

The vegetation debris is being picked up by a FEMA approved contractor beginning this week. All vegetation must be brought to the side of the road and must not be contaminated with anything other than vegetation material. If it is contaminated, it will not be picked up.

Furthermore, the County Convenience Centers are open for residents to use to dump Trash ONLY.

We are working as fast as we can to put the City back in the condition it was before the storm. I want to thank all residents for your understanding and patience. We are on it, though not as fast as you or we would like.


More Facts on Debris
Ceres Environmental will be handling Debris Removal, 28 Crews at this time

TetraTech will be handling the Debris Monitoring

The County is divided into 4 major zones and within the zones will be smaller grid areas. The City of Beaufort is in Zone 2.

Debris removal started Monday. There will be a total of 3 passes of debris removal. The announcement of the second and third pass will be based on the time it takes for the first pass to be completed which starts Monday. We need to continue to stress to our citizens that they need to be patient.

Debris management sites for the City of Beaufort are Henry Farms on St. Helena and Ilhy Farms near the Air Station. At this point, the County is trying to obtain permission from DHEC for controlled burning of the vegetative debris, this is the most efficient method to substantially reduce the debris volume. If permission is not granted for burning, debris reduction will be conducted through grinder operations via a tub grinder. Typically, there is no market for ground debris post storm so there may be an additional cost to remove and/or further reduce this material.