Eagle Scouts Up to Good Deeds in Beaufort

18 Jul Eagle Scouts Up to Good Deeds in Beaufort

Let’s here a proud thank you to the Eagle Scouts

Three young Beaufort Boy Scouts joined the Friends of Fort Fremont to help make the park safer and more accessible.

Pictured are David Merchant and Wayne Watts and not in picture is Nathaniel W Rolling.


On Friday, the Friends of Ft Fremont Board members,  Cecile Door, Marian Rollings and Pete Richards will recognize  3 Eagle Scouts for their superior work improving access and enjoyment for all visitors at Fort Fremont.

FFF are giving a Certificate of Recognition to each and at a following date a plaque will be permanently mounted at the Fort recognizing their projects and achievement .

First, there were no stairs to access the top of battery Jessup, so as an Eagle Scout project Nathaniel W. Rollings engineered, funded, and constructed wood and earthen stairs, in keeping with the fort, to access the top of the battery.

Secondly,there were no hand railings to assist visitors who might need a handrail to mount the stairs so as  Eagle Scout project Wayne Watts engineered, funded, and constructed wooden railings to provide assistance to visitors when using the stairs.

Thirdly, there was no place at the Fort Fremont Preserve to post information for visitors so as an Eagle Scout project David Merchant designed, funded and constructed an Information Kiosk for Visitors to have current and useful information about the Fort and events.

“FFF honors the expertise and commitment to the community offers visitors at fort Fremont and greatly appreciate these young men.”  Congratulations. Cecile Dorr, FFF board member




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