Fannie Lou and the Food Coop Before it was Fashionable

09 May Fannie Lou and the Food Coop Before it was Fashionable

Extracted from The New York Times — FREEDOM FOOD

The many years I lived away from home, my mother would send me a weekly packet of clippings for to read so that I could be informed about “things that mattered.”  Hiding behind my dyslexia, I only read the headlines.  Years later, my girlfriend Paola sends me clips but they pop up on my phone and computer so more often than not I give them a try.  Forgetting my dyslexia I blew through this one,

Some of the most important lessons in our collective history are forgotten only to be resurrected as “new ideas” or fashionable things to do. The following is but a snippet about the long and colorful story of Fannie Lou Hammer, founder of the Freedom Farm, and her dreams and accomplishments. I found it an interesting story again showing how important an understanding of history is to making a better future.

It also helps us understand the important historical perspective of land ownership in our community.

It’s about a food coop before it was fashionable.  I hope you take a few minutes to enjoy the story which reflects on our history.

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