Good News About Boundary Street

20 Sep Good News About Boundary Street

The Boundary Street Redevelopment Oversight committee reported good news following their Friday meeting.

As of that date, 67% of the work has been completed in 60% of the time it was estimated it would take. This not only means we are apparently ahead of schedule, but we are well within the budget of dollars allocated from the county penny sales tax, the Federal grant and TIF dollars assigned for the project.

While so much of the work has been essentially invisible,  since one of the largest challenges was to install underground utilities, we should begin to see the road being repaved, the islands installed, the walks completed and the utility polls coming down. Traffic patterns will be changed as the work progresses so please prepare for only one lane each way for short durations of time.

Thanks to the County, City and State engineers overseeing this important and ambitious project. And thank you Beaufort for your patience. I can assure you that we will be proud of our new Gateway in 2018.