Grants make City projects possible

26 Sep Grants make City projects possible

When I served on City Council and during my first term as Mayor, the city did not earn many grants.  Do you know why?  Because we did not submit applications with well defined and documented needs.  Over the past year, we have seen a difference with a part time grant writer, strong statements of needs by staff and the will to ask.

In the past two weeks we received grants for:

Police – Highway Safety one for traffic and one for DUI – $ 270,000.00
Fire – Homeland Security “Safer Grant” $1,568,000.00
Economic Development – Hargray RD Tax $ 300,000.00
PARD Grant – Washington Street Park $ 50,000.00
PARD Grant – Dowling Pond Park $ 36,000.00
TOTAL – $2,224,000.00


Some of these are renewable and the more we look the more we find we may qualify. While we have yet to hear, recently we applied to FEMA for a mitigation grant for storm water in Royal Oaks including parts of First Boulevard, the Duck Pond at the corner of First Blvd and Battery Creek and the outfall under the Spanish Moss Trail to Battery Creek.


I want to thank our staff for their effective grantsmanship and to encourage them to remain entrepreneurial.