Guess where I am headed?

15 Aug Guess where I am headed?


In the event you have not heard, I am running for re-election on November 8th.  If you believe I have earned your support, I hope I will have your support.

From the first day, I have demonstrated one operating principle: To speak from my heart, tell the truth and admit mistakes.

If you have read even a few of the more than 400 newsletters I’ve posted, I believe you know where I stand, how transparent and accessible I have been, how hard I work and how effective I have been at instilling a civil conversation among my colleagues and the community.  We may not always agree, but I listen, process and make decisions.  

Have I made mistakes?  Of course. It would not be truthful if I did non recognize I am human and do not always have the answer.  It would also not be truthful to say that I have not fessed up and changed direction when it made sense. 

If nothing else, I hope you understand and appreciate how dedicated I am to the job.  I have been available almost 24/7 and loved every minute. (Well, almost every minute.)

Thanks Beaufort for giving me this opportunity. Hopefully you will help me extend it for one, and only one, term.

Follow the link if  you are ready to help me on this election journey.

Billy Keyserling for Mayor / PO Box 2145 / Beaufort, SC 29901-2145