Home Cooking in the SC House – Offshore Testing and Drilling Update

29 Aug Home Cooking in the SC House – Offshore Testing and Drilling Update

I was happy to see that there are two measures pending in the Legislature.  One is opposed to Seismic Testing and Drilling.  The other supports it.

Unfortunately, the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee that will deal with this issue is the same one that has consistently supported the temporary and long term storage of nuclear waste in our state and has been traditionally heavily influenced by the monied special interests.  (I served on the committee during my four years in the SC House. The Committee  Chair was Charlie Sharpe who later served as Agriculture Commissioner who later served two terms in prison related a cock fighting scheme).

More unfortunate than that, however, is the fact that the Chairman of the Committee intervened —  before there was any public discussion — with a letter to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management in which he said “On behalf of the South Carolina House or Representatives, I write to convey my strong opposition . . . . .”

“On behalf of the State House of Representatives” he was writing to convey “his” opposition.  Read on it you will, but remember this was written before he even created an ad hoc whose mission was to explore and educate the committee about the issue.  And he also fails to acknowledge the the current governor, two members of Congress from SC and many legislators are opposed to seismic testing and drilling.

Furthermore, at its first meeting the ad hoc committee heard only from industry and one academic who I am told gets paid to conduct seismic testing.  Does this sound like some SC Home Cooking?  I think so.

I realize the letter is difficult to read but I was not able to make it more legible.  Sorry.

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