How Long will This Last and What

12 Nov How Long will This Last and What

 I am not a climatologist, but I do know that our community and state suffered severe damage from what some call nuisance flooding. It nothing else, it is a wake up call to better maintain and, as funds become available, improve our stormwater management systems.  Over the past few years the City has invested considerably more than we have received in storm water fees to fix our systems, most of which are owned by but not maintained by the state DOT. And they are old. We will soon start the projects on Southside Boulevard and Allison Road. Others are in the capital budget plan but yet to be funded.

That said, if the rains continue, and the tides continue to rise as we have seen even before the flooding, we need to plan for the future.  As I have said before, I am proud that Beaufort is currently the only city in SC that has an all volunteer task force exploring options.  Currently they are making presentations to neighbhorhood assiciations and would like to come to yours if you’re will help them organize a gathering of your neighbors.  Let us know.


Charleston breaks monthly rainfall record, on track to have wettest year


For the second month in a row, rainfall in Charleston has broken the record for wettest month and the area is on track to have the wettest year in history, according to the National Weather Service. As of 9:45 a.m., 7.62 inches of rain has been recorded for the month of November, beating the 1972 record of 7.35 inches, according to meteorologist Carl Barnes. The numbers are preliminary.

This year so far has been Charleston’s fourth wettest in history, with 71.07 inches recorded, but with up to an inch more of rain expected, it could move to second place by the end of the day. The wettest year recorded was in 1964 at 72.99 inches and there is a current tie for second place from 1958 and 1973 with 72.17 inches, Barnes said.