Is the noise the “new normal”

21 Mar Is the noise the “new normal”

During the past week many have called and emailed about what appeared to be excessive noise from the jets flying over the city.   We inquired to learn that the jets are using a different runway and flight pattern while the main runway is being resurfaced.  We have been assured that the work should be completed soon and the jets will return to the other runway where the “noise” is not so obvious in the city.

When asked if what we have experienced is the new normal, we were assured that it was not.

But this may be the new normal for those who live near the larger field when it is reopened.  When the Department of the Navy conducted hearings for the environmental impact assessment for the F35-B’s coming to Marine Corp Air Station Beaufort, a number of people expressed concern about additional noise compounded by the increasing frequency of flights.  I supported the mission while also stating — with all comments given to the Navy — that an Alternative Landing Field, aka Outlying Field would most likely be needed. The Greater Beaufort  Military Enhancement Committee has been working on the issue but no success yet. Let’s encourage and support them.

All said and done, getting an OLF/ALF is not easy and it is costly.  It is time to do whatever is necessary to get one in the works and create an tolerable “new normal.”