Development: let’s get ready

15 Feb Development: let’s get ready

With the numbers of people coming to SC, Beaufort is likely to get our fair share. Are we ready?

Recent developments have brought heartburn to many people, especially those who live on Ladys Island. As the number of residents increase, tract builders and large retail stores follow the people and their spending power. Between Walmart, Oyster Bluff and Harris Teeter, we’ve had our challenges. Split political jurisdictions made it difficult to determine where to point the finger.

Rather than point fingers at the City or County planners, County Council Chairman Paul Sommerville and I spoke recently and acknowledged that trees and traffic need collaboration. This is one of the reasons why Beaufort, Port Royal and Beaufort County created the Northern Regional Plan and an Implementation Committee on which Mayor Pro-Tem Mike McFee and I, among others from Port Royal and Beaufort County serve. For the most part it has worked. That said, we see some gaping holes that must be addressed sooner than later if we plan to accommodate more residents.

Furthermore, if we want to maintain our current population and make room for others, we must address better paying jobs closer to home. That is why the mayors and councils of Hilton Head, Bluffton, Port Royal and Beaufort have worked together to with a plan to help the county jump start what has historically been a weak effort to draw new jobs to the area.

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Note the City Staff is working hard to create a way to preserve trees on the former Publix Site. I previewed the proposed plan which was denied. It would have placed a long blank wall along Highway 21 while taking down the trees in the current parking lot. The parking and the store entrance would have been to the rear of the building.

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