Like a ray of sunshine, Susan Shaffer brought life and love to many

09 May Like a ray of sunshine, Susan Shaffer brought life and love to many



Photo from Packet/’Gazette

I woke up early and alert this morning knowing I had one thing to do as the clock was ticking until we pushed the “send” button for this newsletter.  Something important remained unsaid.

Though I sat down three times to write about the loss of a dear friend, I just could not come up with the right words for the husband, my friend Mark Shaffer, who lost his dear and wonderful wife of twelve years, Susan. Or for Susan’s many friends who are solemnly pondering loss.

This evening they are gathering to celebrate Susan but I cannot be with them because we have City Council meetings.

There is never a way to adequately explain a freak accident that takes a life.

Though there is so much to say about Susan Shaffer who, from the first time I met her and the many times subsequently, was like a bright ray of sunshine that connected like a laser beam to your soul radiating warmth, sensitivity, beauty, honesty, intellectual integrity, courage and in many ways both understanding and innocence.

We cannot bring Susan back, but we can honor her by reflecting the beauty she brought to many and by doing our best to emulate her curiosity about things/feelings, her love for life and for others.

To learn more about Susan or to Make A Donation on her behalf, please visit