Meet Zeke Wilson from St Helena Island – He took on the Court and won

26 Sep Meet Zeke Wilson from St Helena Island – He took on the Court and won

Zeke WilsonMonday morning I met an interesting man with an interesting story. He wrote and book that is in the process of being developed into a screen plan.  You may want to meet Mr. Wilson, purchase he book or google his story.

And who is this man?

Every day the rights of MILLIONS of common men and women are violated. Most people take this treatment because they feel they don’t have the MONEY, EDUCATION, or KNOWLEDGE to do anything about it.

The fact is, anyone can stand up and fight for their rights, and Zeke Wilson can show them how —because like most people, he had no money, education or knowledge, either.

When faced with the extraordinary challenge to defend his own rights, Zeke took his stand, and armed only with unquenchable willpower and unwavering persistence, collected the necessary knowledge and waged a successful battle against the erosion of personal civil liberties. His case set federal precedent. Now, he will use his experience to teach your audience to do the same.

Zeke’s message is simple.
He encourages people to “Stop taking it. Start taking your rights back.”
In an empowering manner, he will speak directly with your audience to help them bolster their courage to do the same for themselves. Audience response is generally emotional, usually positive, sometimes controversial, and always both informative and entertaining.

He will explain:
The rules of equal treatment that people in positions of power don’t want you to know.
How to determine if your rights are being violated.
How to convince a lawyer to argue your case—even if you can’t afford one.
Why it is important to be personally involved in the complaint process.

Zeke Wilson has hands-on experience dealing with issues of disparity. He appeared in McCormick Federal Court and pleaded his own precedent-setting case as a pro se Plaintiff. He has appeared on both radio and television, including Showtime, Channel 69 with Rich Lerner and In This Corner with Mike Mittman; numerous radio interviews including Champions Sports Show with Eddie Jeffries, and various print media including Leatherneck Magazine, New York Post, Boston Globe, Beaufort Gazette, Allentown Morning Call, Free Press, Wellsboro Gazette, Daily Register, Lawyer’s Weekly and others. He has authored a book entitled “The Eighth Round” which chronicles his fight.