Military is Important to County, State and Nation

18 Jul Military is Important to County, State and Nation

Other than being part of a unified community campaigning arms in arm to protect our military bases and the almost $1.4 billion they bring to our county’s economy, the Base Realignment And Closure process is not fun.  In and outside of government, I worked with community leaders to ensure Beaufort’s remained here and healthy.

By passing Modifications to the County’s Joint Land Use ordinance last week City Council, hand in hand with other municipalities and County Council, demonstrated solidarity in maintaining our bases.  As some know the Beaufort County “JLUS” is a model for the nation and has served well to protect our bases.

At the same time, the Pentagon must have the flexibility to best use limited resources to ensure the strongest national defense.

Something to think about.

South Carolina averts new round of base closures — for now