Neighborhood Improvement Meeting and Perhaps a Downtown Community Center

15 Feb Neighborhood Improvement Meeting and Perhaps a Downtown Community Center

Please remember that each month the City of Beaufort planning staff, supported by all department heads, hosts a meeting when representatives from neighborhoods come together to talk about individual and collective neighborhood issues: public safety, public works, garbage and trash removal and other items of interest to the participants.

One issue on my mind is whether there is sufficient interest with the Point, Old Commons, Northwest Quadrant, Pigeon Point and West End neighborhoods to help start and support a greater downtown Community Center with recreational and educations services for young and old alike, a place to have meetings and a vehicle through which the  community might work together to strengthen our greater downtown.  This is not something the city can afford to take on, but we can do whatever is possible to support this needed venue.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to be at the meeting this week due a previous commitment, but I am going to ask Pete Palmer, from the Bluff Neighborhood, to talk with attendees about what is little more than an “idea” at this point. With the loss of the Boys and Girls Clubs and the lessening of services at the Charles Linn Brown Center (aka Green Street Gymn and Community Center) we need a place for our young people to gather for after school programs and recreation.  The initiative would not just be for the young but the entire community.

More about this in the future.