Neighborhoods come together for the common good

11 Apr Neighborhoods come together for the common good

Do you want to enjoy a community garden? Help plant the seeds! Cast your vote today, tomorrow and every day after until the Seeds of Change Community Garden Grant contest ends April 18.

Over past years, the residents of Pigeon Point the took it upon themselves to donate labor and money to improve their neighborhood park when funds were not available. They set the bar for what a neighborhood/community can do to partner with the city.

They are now reaching out to help volunteers supplement what the city can do. They have circulated a notice about how all of you can help in the development of Southside Park which is by far the City’s largest park with lots to get done.

The city has installed the dog park, preparing a walking path and began a tree garden. We are also working on a community garden for ALL. Join Pigeon Point and take a few minutes to cast your vote every day until the competition ends. The Seeds of Change Community Garden Grant will provide funds to help make Beaufort a healthier, greener community.

Notice from Pigeon Point

Vote for a Southside Park Grant + Volunteer to Help this Saturday!
Lots of exciting things are happening at Southside Park!

1. The Park is entered into a Seeds of Change Community Garden Grant contest and we need your vote! Simply click here to vote. You can vote once per day through April 18. It takes about 5 seconds.

2. Calling All Volunteers Saturday, April 9 starting at 8:00am. We need help to clean up the new dog park at Southside Park. Construction debris needs to be removed to make the area safe for our canine friends. Your help is needed to collect and place rubble into small piles for pick-up and disposal by Public Works.

Hoping you will come help us this Saturday, April starting at 8:00 am for a couple of hours. If you can bring a wheelbarrow and hard rake, it will be greatly appreciated and of course gloves are recommended. Southside Park is the old BJWSA treatment plant located at the intersection of Southside Blvd. and Battery Creek Rd.

Thank you and hope to see you this Saturday! For questions or more information please email Liza Hill, City of Beaufort Planning Department.