New Deal smells like many Old Deals

05 Sep New Deal smells like many Old Deals

My point is that unfortunately the state often abdicates responsibilities and commitments when dollars are tight and the legislature does not have the courage to raise revenues to pay for what is needed.  The seemingly knee jerk and arbitrary “no more taxes mantra” which continues to drive lawmakers in Columbia is costing us all.   They are quick to change the rules at the expense of counties, municipalities and even school districts.

Two Examples:

The Local Government Fund was established by the General Assembly to reimburse local governments for services mandated by the state.  Unfortunately, not long after it was passed, the actual distribution to localities has not reached the level that was promised.  So now they want to change the rules.

Read more from the State House Report and you may see how local governments might be in for another financial blow as Columbia changes the rules.

NEWS: Battle over state’s local government fund may end soon

Lottery Dollars

Sometimes I think the Legislature is playing with play money as they do not often do with it what they promised when the allocated it.  Read what they are not doing with the lottery money that was passed on the back of school children.

How the SC Legislature broke its lottery promise