NOC asks ‘Be a caring neighbor…’

16 Sep NOC asks ‘Be a caring neighbor…’

                         Be a caring neighbor…

Dear Friends:
NOC continues to make great strides in implementing its outreach programs — education, health care, and workforce development- at its 6 learning centers in underserved neighborhoods in Beaufort County. We now serve more than 450 children who live under the burden of poverty as they attend public schools. In 2015 more than 200 people in need benefited from NOC health screenings, offered with its partners. In addition numerous people have gained from NOC’s social and workforce development programs.
We appreciate the support and time that you have given to our organization, helping us to build a better community in the poorest neighborhoods in Beaufort County through NOC’s community development interventions.

Recently, a few disgruntled, out-of-state owners have tried to oust NOC from Cordillo Courts in HHI. These owners remain angry at NOC for its successful efforts to ensure that the town will maintain ownership of the tennis courts rather than sell them at a bargain price to the regime. They are focused on turning Cordillo Courts into high end investments with higher profitability without safeguarding the interests of many low-income families who live there and provide needed labor to support HHI’s service economy.

The Island Packet recently published several articles on this matter and on September 14 had an opinion piece written by NOC Founder and Board Chair Narendra Sharma, published in print and available online (click Island Packet Link below)

I hope that NOC, its partners, and the community at large can work together proactively, now and in the future, to build a better place to live.


Ally McNair

Vice Chair, NOC Board of Directors

See children in action by visiting NOC’s Learning Centers at Oaks, Cordillo, Avalon Shores, Simmons Cay, Parkview, or Marsh Pointe in
Beaufort County
Call NOC Office at 843-681-4100