Oh Italy! Some images from our holiday

02 May Oh Italy! Some images from our holiday

Last week I had the privileges of visiting the Tuscany Region of Italy including Florence, Lucca, Sienna and other small villages throughout the region. On the way home, we stopped in Genoa which is my girlfriend’s home town for a wonderful large family homecoming feast on the patio overlooking the sea.

Riding through Tuscany is truly beautiful with the expansive rolling hills featuring huge fields of grapes, formal and informal wineries and very welcoming people.

In Florence we visited with Cornelia Danielson who was a next door neighbor when her family moved to Beaufort. She has been in Florence since graduate school teaching Art History, art conservation and the other art related and management disciplines. Great meal, beautiful home and gardens and nice visit with Cornelian and her older son (of tw0) Alex.

And needless to say a daily does of gelato gave us the energy to walk all day, climbs thousands of stairs and know there was a prize at the end of each activity. My favorite is cappacino with a dab of vanilla.  And I only gained two pounds! LOL

The following are but a few of the snapshots captured on my smart phone that give one the flavor of what we saw and lived.