Our non-profits never cease to amaze me

11 Apr Our non-profits never cease to amaze me

It never ceases to amaze me at how much our many non-profit organizations give back to the community. Over the weekend I attended two events which warmed my heart while being an enjoyable learning experience.

Light up the Night

On Friday evening, I attended Hope Haven’s annual Light Up the Night Celebration in the Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park. It was moving to hear the stories of women who have been sexually abused as well as Sheriff Tanners talk about ways to escalate programs to prevent sexual abuse. Then there were young people who performed slam poetry addressing abuse while others sang songs and performed dances created for the event.  Not only was the sponsor Hope Haven front and center but a number of the many other organizations who fight abuse and help victims stood with them.  This included Bikers Against Sexual Abuse which has its own program to work with victims.

An amazing event that gives me even more cause to be proud of the very special people who work hard to help others in our special hometown.

Youth Golf Clinic

Saturday morning I was up and out early to witness Beaufort Charities’ Junior Golf Clinic hosted by Sanctuary Golf Course on Cat Island.  Beaufort Charities which holds a fun filled weekend for many lowcountry residents uses funds raised from the event to support local initiatives that are good for the community.  According to Christian Sherbert, the outgoing leader of Beaufort Charities, the Junior Golf clinics are a means for teaching young people who otherwise might not have the opportunity to try the game, to learn the importance of focus, discipline and appreciate camaraderie. Thank You Beaufort Charities.