Out Front Again: Boating Education

18 Jan Out Front Again: Boating Education

The Post and Courier ran a story over the weekend which suggests that the people of SC are tired of  unnecessary boating accidents.  There is a public call for boating education and some believe it should be mandatory.

Thanks to the partnership between the Spirit of America (a safe boating foundation) and The YMCA, Beaufort is ahead of the game. Over the past several years we have a safe boating education program in Northern Beaufort County. Like other YMCA programs,  scholarships are available to those who could not otherwise attend.

If you are interested in your son or daughter participating in the program, or if you would like to join me and others who provide scholarships, I would recommend calling Paul Spencer who launched and directs the program for the YMCA.  Beaufort and Port Royal are doing a great service for the young people through our wonderful YMCA.

The Post and Courier: Public seeks better educated boaters, more law enforcement