{Photos} For the Love of Our Natural Assets

10 Oct {Photos} For the Love of Our Natural Assets

No one knows and loves Beaufort and works to protect our natural assets as much as Gordon Fritz who shared the following images from this sharp eye and camera. Thanks Gordon.

I have been interested in insects since I was awarded a first place in the International Science Fair competition while a senior in high school. I had originally planed to study Entomology at Clemson but ended up studying Biology and Marine Science at USC.

I have since done many things but have never lost interest in the insects, especially the moths and butterflies. One of my evolving interests over the years has been photography and fine art.

I currently exhibit in the Beaufort Art Association as well as other galleries in Georgia and Florida and maintain a small website (www.seaislandprints.com). I have attached several of my butterfly prints for your enjoyment.

Have you noticed that when you drive to Columbia or other destinations, that you have very few insect strikes on your windshield? I can remember driving from my hometown, Myrtle Beach, to Columbia while attending USC and having to stop half way to clean the dead insects off the windshield. Times have certainly changed and not for the better.

Not only have the insects declined but so have the wildflowers that supported their populations. Monsanto and others have given SCDOT and the South Carolina farming community many products to assist them in controlling weed and insect populations but the cost is very high for our environment and most probably for our health. I am also a gardener and keep bees (but that is another story with the same results).

I am delighted each time I have the opportunity to photograph one of our surviving insects as these times are diminishing.

Enjoy the prints.

Gordon Fritz