Plastic bags made into something useful

26 Sep Plastic bags made into something useful

The battle is on between those who want to ban or otherwise regulate plastic bags which do harm to wild life, clutter the sides of our roads and clog aging and fragile stormwater systems.

I am not sure that I will support a “ban”, a return policy or a fee to dispose of and clean up rubbish.

Some in Columbia, if they had their way, would not let us do anything.

As the county and all municipals in Beaufort County move forward in a discussion about which there are many opinions, I only ask that at our meetings — starting tomorrow — conversation remains civil. I understand there are many opinions. The following is a flier being handed our over the weekend in Beaufort.





AND IF YOU WANT TO READ MORE OF THIS CLICK HERE To preview what the industry is putting out..  PLASTIC BAGS.

On the other hand some believe managing clutter does not require big government but rather imagination.

Some believe we should do something about plastic backs. Some think they can be recycled into marketable products not the lease of which could be permanent grocery bags woven from remnants of used bags.

Plastic Bag from Plastic

Weaving Plastic

Example of how one creative person has made a business out of weaving used plastic bags into something worthwhile.  I understand that some have woven mattresses, resting mats for young school children and in doing so transformed a liability into an asset and a job with out complaining about the government getting in the way.

Amazing to see what attitude and vision can do above and beyond projected anger and blame.