Post Storm Info from City of Beaufort, Including Debris Collection and Repairs

20 Sep Post Storm Info from City of Beaufort, Including Debris Collection and Repairs


Storm Debris
The City is arranging with Waste Pro and City staff for pick-up of storm debris. This will be done in a two-week period that will end September 23. This pick-up is for the benefit of our residents and is not meant to be used by professional landscaping firms. Debris will be picked up at the time of the normal trash pick-up or the following day, and it does not have to be bundled; in addition, we are waiving the 4’ length limitation. There will be no County or FEMA clean up after this storm and debris must be brought to the curb.

Building Repair
If you had wind or water damage to structures on your property, please report this to the City Building Codes Office at or (843) 379-7051 so that our inspectors can assist you in assessing the extent of the damage your property might have received.

Please be reminded that permits are needed to repair any damage caused by the storm. Contractors assisting with repairs must have a City of Beaufort business license. As was done after the last hurricane, the City will waive any fees for permits to repair storm-related damage; however, the property must be on our damage assessment list to be eligible for the fee waiver. If an inspector has not already visited your property, please contact the Building Codes Office at or (843) 379-7051 to arrange for a damage assessment visit.

Please contact our office with any questions.

Thank you.

Libby Anderson
(843) 525-7012

Links from the City of Beaufort’s website concerning emergency preparedness (including flood elevation certificates), hurricane recovery information, local utilities, and public service contacts (Police, Fire, EMS, Public Works, Parks, etc.).