Reconstruction Era Monument

09 Jan Reconstruction Era Monument

Property owners participating in the process of trying to squeeze in a Reconstruction Era Monument in Beaufort before the end of the Administration worked long and hard alongside National Park Service and Department of Interior officials over the holidays examining documents, talking back and forth working out complicated issues that must meet the standards of the Antiquities Act.

It is hard to believe that only a few months ago, we were not encouraged that it could be done in time. But after 1500 petition signers, 164 signatures on letters from scholars, preservationists and Beaufort based cultural organizations and the finale demonstrating public support at the Brick Church meeting, acclaimed as one of the “best and most passionate public meetings” by NPS staff, we are now coming down to the final push.

After all of the sweat, work and passion so many have put forth, there is still no guarantee that the package will get to the president in time.  But as of today, I can say we are making significant headway and should have a better assessment by later this week if not before.

Thanks to all who have come forth so generously with your time which is what makes this initiative possible and will be required to carry it forward to include many more sites important to the period of history unique to Beaufort.

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