06 Sep Recovery

With school started and Labor Day over we move into the Fall season which is very busy with important fundraising events, cultural activities and more. But before we get that far, I just wanted to share a few words that best describe this past weekend. 

If there was ever a “theme” to a weekend in Beaufort, I would refer the past week end as a best act of “recovery.”


Recovery . . . . In the sense that our city staff, along with county officials, utilities and Beaufort County officials were prepared likely better than ever to face a storm that could have been wicked.

If there are two important requirements for facing storms, the first is preparation and the second is recovery.

You may have noticed that in anticipation of Hermine Beaufort Public Works staff worked all day Thursday cleaning out storm water systems so that flooding waters could make their way off the streets as quickly as possible. And the best evidence is that as soon as the tide started to recede, the systems worked well and most streets were clear of water during the storm.

During the storm, “foolishly” according to City Manager Bill Prokop, I went out to see our City at work: police officers, fire fighters and public works staff were pulling branches off of the streets and loading them into trucks and trailers to cart them off. During the storm each of our city council members reported challenges to the city manager who directed staff to the sites where attention was needed. When I did my tour early Saturday all were still working and the City seemed almost fully recovered save some curbs that need to be swept of small debris and trees and utilities being repaired.

The sun was shining not only on our beautiful city, but on the wonderful people dedicated to our public safety. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO WORKED TO MANAGE what may have been, but was fortunately not, a crisis situation.


Recovery . . . in that Dragon Boat Beaufort’s 4th Annual Race Day, independent from Water Festival support for the first time, recovered and all had a great day.

While the Friday night concert was postponed to another date, volunteers led by Jody Bush Miller of Plum Productions and Dragon Boat Beaufort volunteers led by Greg Rawls, went to work as the storm subsided Friday night and the festival had a great start Saturday morning with teams from as far away as Kentucky who drove through the storm to get here Friday night.

The cast from “Nine to Five,” which kicks off at the USCB Center for the Arts next Friday, led us in The Stars Spangled Banner.

“Madness of Beaufort” the fitness center led the entire group of paddlers in an aggressive and colorful “warm up” session of stretching and aerobic exercises on the lawn to the sound of exercise inspiring music.

And then the parade of colorfully costumed and enthusiastic dragon boat drummers paraded across the stage with imaginative movements and colors.

And the races were on.

Dragon Boat Beaufort is dedicated to fundraising for cancer research and treatment, to support victims and their families during treatment as and during and after recovery.

What a great group of many, I mean many, volunteers who work actively to fight this awful disease and support those who face it.

Dragon Boat Beaufort is one of the most energized and giving groups of volunteers I have ever seen. And for that they are to be commended, admired and supported financially. To help them go to to volunteer and/or contribute.