Registration open for students to sign up for district’s Virtual Summer Academy

19 May Registration open for students to sign up for district’s Virtual Summer Academy


Monday, May 15, 2022


Registration open for students to sign up for district’s Virtual Summer Academy


BEAUFORT – Hundreds of students are expected to register for the Beaufort County School District’s Virtual Summer Academy, which lets students go to class during the summer without actually entering a school.


This will be the eighth year for the eight-week program, which helps rising kindergarten through fifth-grade students maintain or accelerate their academic skills over summer vacation.  Students can participate using computers in their homes or using computers at various community partners around Beaufort County.


Chrissy Robinson, the district’s Director of Educational Technology, said that reading and math results from Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) tests indicate that students who participate in Virtual Summer Academy retain more information than those who don’t take part.


Students will take part in fun interactive lessons and activities that focus on reading and math skills.  Participants generally will spend 15-30 minutes on each day’s lessons.


Robinson said the summer program can adapt to what individual students need because the computer programs are customized.


“There’s really something here for everyone,” she said.  “If you’re behind at the end of the school year, you can catch up.  Other students can get a head-start on courses they’ll be taking next school year.”


In addition to students who participate from their homes, students can also participate through a partnership between the district and Neighborhood Outreach Connection, which has six locations throughout Beaufort County.  NOC makes Virtual Summer Academy a part of its schedule, with students working on math and English Language Arts.


Interested students can also participate using computers at any public library in Beaufort County.


Throughout the eight-week program, virtual summer school teachers will monitor how students are doing and keep parents up to date on their progress.  The district employs four teachers for the Virtual Summer Academy.


For more information on the program, an introductory video and a registration link, visit:


Any community group interested in utilizing Virtual Summer Academy as part of its summer program is encouraged to get in touch with program coordinator Estee Williams (


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