Remembering Willie Scheper

15 Feb Remembering Willie Scheper

Its difficult to describe,  without being sappy,  what a special human being Willie Scheper was to the many who knew him.  I was fortunate know him from my childhood as he was a friend of my parents.  As a kid I mowed his lawn and delivered his TV Guide. On the river sailing my sailfish he would whiz by on his Y-Flyer and ask me why I could not keep up with him. As a customer at The Peoples Bank he came out to say hello if he saw me in the lobby.  And finally,  when I returned from school and a career in Washington, I new him as an adult. While I grew older I saw him as he same very, very special person and we would all do well to model ourselves after this human, genuine and kind giant.

His body is gone, but let’s hold on to the sparkle in his eye, the witty comments that flowed from his heart, and zest to be a part of the very special place we all come home.

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Willie Scheper, Beaufort visionary and character, dies