Santa Elena and Ribaut Cup

21 Mar Santa Elena and Ribaut Cup

I am very excited to see our promoters of history return to the sea to promote important periods in our community history.

As a child growing up in Beaufort, sailing was a central part of entertainment for those who could afford it. With the YMCA’s boating safety program, which offers safe boating courses to all, even those who may not be able to afford it, are getting out on our special waters.  I hope we are reopening and re-harnessing our legacy of recreational boating for all.

For the past few years, I have mentioned to the leaders of USCB that an enticement to get students to the Historic Beaufort Campus would be to offer competitive sailing, paddle boarding and team rowing to the athletic programs as these kinds of out door activities  and water sports represent part of the authenticity of our home town.

Meanwhile watch out for the Santa Elena and Ribaut Cup regatta this month.