Savannah River Site and “Temporary” Nuclear Waste

03 Oct Savannah River Site and “Temporary” Nuclear Waste

As I have written perhaps all too often for some, shortly after I retired from the SC House of Representatives I filed and mediated a law suit against the US Department of Energy  because I believe the facility at the Savannah River Site was not prepared to accept the “temporary” storage of spent nuclear fuel from Europe.

At that time members of the Savannah River Citizens Advisory Board in private said I was calling “chicken little” and that the site had capacity to safely handle the waste from Europe while suggesting it was out of place for me to be critical.

Last week, the “advisory group” voted by a slim margin to recommend not accepting some of this waste from Germany.

Since the advisory group is only advisory, their position can be ignored so if you have an intereste you may want to contact the Department of Energy.

Advisory board doesn’t want German waste at S. Carolina site