Seismic Testing or No Seismic Testing

13 Jun Seismic Testing or No Seismic Testing

Based on pressure from literally 100 or more municipalities and hundreds of businesses along the Atlantic Coast, the Obama administration removed Seismic Testing and Drilling for oil and gas from the Bureau of Energy Management’s Five Year Plan.

However, SC Department of Health and Environmental Control staff, indicated that testing is not in conflict with state law and the Administration is considering permits for testing by three testing companies.

This makes no sense so I am organizing a letter writing campaign, to include all SC Coastal Mayors, to the President urging him to block permits that we believe our out of concert with the five year plan. I have 13 letters in hand and am waiting for the remainder before we prepare a package of the letters to deliver to the Secretary of the Interior (under which BOEM operates) and President Obama.

Will keep you posted.

Stop offshore seismic testing