Status Update on the Beaufort Code

20 Jun Status Update on the Beaufort Code

Status Update on the Beaufort Code

City of Beaufort – Planning Department
As you probably know, we’re in the process of refining and finalizing the draft of the Beaufort Code to be reviewed by City Council. As part of that process, we began work sessions with the Metropolitan Planning Commission which will make a recommendation to Council prior to Council reviewing the code.

During that time, we received a number of public comments that we intend to address in more detail. Concurrently, we have received several requests from local organizations and stakeholders to have more detailed code review discussions as well.

The city is committed to preparing a code that had been fully vetted by the public and local stakeholders, and we plan to continue to meet with these groups until everyone has been heard and all comments and concerns are understood. That is not to say that everyone will ultimately agree on everything; however it did not seem prudent to continue on the MPC recommendation process until these additional requested meetings were held.

So for now, we will not continue Planning Commission review of the code until we have a meeting with Depot-area stakeholders  – set for June 22 at 5:30 pm – and have a meeting with the Hermitage Road/Hundred Pines neighborhood, and perhaps other similar neighborhoods with a proposed T3-S zoning.

At the June 20 Planning Commission meeting, we will share this information with the members, but they will not be formally reviewing the code. The agenda item will be termed: “Status Report on Beaufort Code Process.” No new information will be presented, nor will they be asked for comments about the Code. We might be ready to continue a formal review with the Planning Commission in July; a new schedule is forthcoming and will be published on our website.

Thanks to all for your diligent participation and input.

The Next Step. The Metropolitan Planning Commission will hear an updated of the code process on June 20.

Comment Online. There is a simple comment form so you can give us your comments. All comments we receive online and hear in the meetings has been posted on our website, along with comments from staff and a proposal for how to address them. There will also be notes of how the comments were incorporated into the new draft once that is published.

Is this all new to you? Here’s what’s going on: The City of Beaufort Planning Department hosted a series of public meetings to review a draft of the Beaufort Code – an update to the city’s development code. This new code has been in the works for several years, and in March we held a one-month, 15-meeting public review process that generated over 200 comments from the public. In April, we published a new draft and held 4 meetings to review and hear comments on that draft. Those comments were incorporated into a new draft, released May 9. The May 9 draft, along with other resources can be found on the Beaufort Code page of the city’s website.

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  • So what’s next? We have an updated schedule of public meetings and work sessions with Boards and Commissions to review the updated code draft and to hear more public input. Get Involved!For Complete Information: please visit the website.

    Thanks for your continued help and participation.

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