Still no ticket?

19 Sep Still no ticket?

For the past week, I have gone to the post office daily looking to receive the parking ticket from “the irate tourist.”  I received nothing and am wondering if he is waiting until it is past due and there will be a fine, thereby requiring me to pay more. I doubt that to be the case.

Perhaps it is that he surprisingly got the mayor on the telephone, and not a city staff member, had his  “say” and likely the event is over. I am assuming the ticket was paid though since the man did not give a name or license tag number there is no way to check. Either way, I do hope he returns to Beaufort and will follow my suggestion to use longer term parking which is available for those who plan to stay in the greater downtown beyond the two hour Bay Street limit.

While I have received numerous commical emails and comments on the street, fortunately no one has come forth seriously asking me to pay a ticket.  Thank you Beaufort.