Suspects caught and charged

21 Mar Suspects caught and charged

Armed robberies or any other crimes cannot be tolerated.  Read below about arrests made in the three armed robberies last weekend. The Beaufort Police Department arrived at the first scene in 90 seconds and the second in 2 minutes.  Not long thereafter, they identified suspects through witnesses and security cameras. Soon the suspects were apprehended.

No matter how many officers the city has on the street at a given time, they cannot be everywhere at one time. Nor can they babysit young people or apprehend those who have not committed a crime simply because they are on the street.

Please report to the police if you see unusual happenings, strangers you suspect are up to no good in your neighborhood or around you business. Calls can be anonymous if necessary for your safety. The back line is 843-524-2777 or 911.


Two Juveniles Charged in Three Armed Robberies

Arrests have been made in three armed robberies reported in downtown Beaufort over the weekend. Two juveniles, ages 15 and 16, have been charged after three victims reported being robbed by a pair of teens in the nighttime hours on Saturday, March 12th and the early morning hours of Sunday, March 13th. The first victim was approached by the suspects on Craven St near West St, where the suspects demanded his money and other items using a pellet gun. The suspects fled toward the Waterfront park area. Two more robberies were later reported, one at the intersection of North St. and Harrington St. and another at a cottage on Scott St. The victim in the Scott St incident suffered injuries to his face after being kicked by the suspects. The victims in all three incidents gave similar, consistent descriptions of the suspects. Through information provided by witnesses and video footage taken from various sources in the downtown area, Investigators were able to identify the suspects. Both suspects were subsequently interviewed and confessed to their involvement in the robberies. Through the cooperation of the 16 year old suspect and his guardian, an item of personal property taken from a victim in one of the robberies was able to be recovered. The 15 year old suspect was charged with three counts of armed robbery and transported to the DJJ facility in Columbia pending a Family Court appearance. The 16 year old suspect, Jafari Brown, is being charged as an adult with three counts of armed robbery and was transported to the Beaufort County Detention Center, where he remains on a $75,000.00 bond.