Take time to know your neighbor - Anne Roberts is gone

17 Jan Take time to know your neighbor - Anne Roberts is gone

I talked with Anne Roberts on the streets of Beaufort as she walked her dog,  at the Center for the Arts, neighborhood meetings and at numerous other places on many occasions.   Anne  was always very friendly, a big smile on her face and welcoming if seemingly a little shy . . .  except for a few times when she came to City Council meetings when she felt passionately the city was on the verge of going the wrong direction. Even then she was pleasant.

As I read her obituary, I realize how much I missed in not getting to take the time to get to know her more than through polite not very substantive conversation.  I knew there was something special about her, but did not really understand until I read the obituary.

I will never have the time to have the conversations I now know I missed, but I have taken pause to try to get to know my neighbors and acquaintances better while I still can. And would suggest there are many good people in our special hometown who deserve more than a superficial conversation.

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